Camp Schedule & Registration

  • Day Camp is open to children in Kindergarten and older.  
  • Overnight Camp is open to children 3rd grade to age 16
  • Adventure Week is only for Overnight Campers

Social Services has grant money for children to attend, who have qualified for free school lunches (TANF Scholarship forms are available at school or social services).

*Camp Gregory requires a non-refundable deposit of $150 per week, due by July 1.  We offer a discount of $15/week for families sending 3 campers or a total of 3 or more weeks if the total is paid in advance by June 4th.  

Financial aid is available.  Please email  if you have any questions. Please put "Financial Aid" in the subject line of your email. 

OVERNIGHT CAMP: 3rd Grade to Age 16
Sunday Drop Off: 2:30-3:30 at the Pavilion. Friday pick up by 5.
DAY CAMP: Sunday registration 2:30 to 3:30 at the Pavilion   
 ** Camp tours will be available for families!
   Monday drop off by 8:30am, pickup 5:30, Both at Pavilion.
Flexible drop-off & pick-up arrangements, if needed, can be made with our staff.
Camp Caspar Gregory 2020 Registration Form
Camper’s Name: ____________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________
Age: _____ DOB: __________ Entering Grade: ___      M: __ F: __
Parent/Guardian’s Name: ______________________________
Home Phone: _________________Work: ________________
E-mail: ________________________Cell:_____________
Special Needs/Requests: ______________________________
Request for financial aid form: Yes_____ No_____   Deadline: June 10th

Social Services has grant money for children to attend, who have qualified for free school lunches (TANF Scholarship forms are available at school or social services).
Please circle your selections:
Week 1:  July 5-10 overnight  $340 or July 5-10 day camp  $300 *Includes breakfast and lunch 
Week 2:  July12-17 overnight  $340 or July 12-17 day camp  $300 *
Week 3:  July19-24 overnight  $340 or July 19-24 day camp  $300*
Week 4:   July 26-31 overnight  $340   No Day Camp
Week 5:    Aug 2-7 overnight  $340 or Aug 2-7 day camp  $300*
There is a $15 early discount per week for
 three enrolled children or one child for 3 weeks,
 if paid by June 4. Spots cannot be reserved otherwise.
One free T-shirt per camper if registered by June 6th!!
Circle size:   youth  S M L     adult S M L XL       
Donation for Camper Financial Aid Fund $__________
                                              Total Due  $___________

Deposit is $150 per week, non-refundable after July 1.

Click here to download our 2020 Registration Form! Registration Form

·        Please send completed form(s) and check made out to:
 Camp Caspar Gregory
Mail to: Joanne Brumm, 3128 Blakely Rd., Genoa, NY 13071

Questions about registration?  Call Joanne at 315-398-4741

Please email our Registrar at: